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Welcome to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission 

 We are an independent quasi-judicial tribunal established under the Industrial Relations Act 1979 to deal with industrial matters in the State of Western Australia by conciliation or, if necessary, arbitration. Our main objectives are to prevent and settle industrial disputes.

The WAIRC will deal with an application providing it has the jurisdiction or power to do so.   Click here for more information about who can apply to the WAIRC.

Online lodgement

You can now lodge documents online, including referring new claims to the Commission.  Click on this link, or click on the Applications and Forms tab above. 

Our new online lodgement system provides access to the Commission’s modernised Forms, in an interactive environment.

If you have any feedback or ideas about our new online lodgement system, please let us know by completing our Contact Form.


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Latest News

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Full Bench grants extension of time for appellant lodge appeal and to file appeal books Tuesday, 17 March 2020 The Full Bench has unanimously granted an extension of time for an appellant who filed a Notice of Appeal out of the time limit prescribed by the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA) (Act) and had not filed appeal books as required by the Industrial... More detail
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What is the salary cap?

The Commission cannot deal with a claim for unfair dismissal if the employee's salary exceeds the prescribed amount, unless an industrial instrument applies to the employment. 

The prescribed amount can be found here.

An industrial instrument is: 

  • an award;
  • an order of the Commission (including General Order);
  • an industrial agreement; or
  • an employer-employee agreement.

The Termination, Change and Redundancy General Order applies to the employment of all State system employees.  An employee to whom the General Order applies is not subject to the salary cap and may make a claim of unfair dismissal to the Commission. 

Calculation of salary

The employee's salary is assessed based on the greater of –

  • the salary the employee actually received; or
  • the salary they were entitled to,

– for the 12 months immediately prior to the dismissal. 

Employees employed for less than 12 months

Remuneration received x 365

Days employed

Industrial Relations (General) Regulations 1997 (WA) reg 5(2)(c)

Employees on leave without full pay during last 12 months

Remuneration received +

Remuneration received ´ Days on leave without full pay

Days not on leave without full pay

Industrial Relations (General) Regulations 1997 (WA) reg 5(2)(b)

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