Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Fees and Charges

The fees and charges identified below are inclusive of GST.

Fees made by the Governor pursuant to the Industrial Relations Act 1979
and the Industrial Relations (General) Regulations 1997.
On filing a claim of harsh, oppressive or unfair dismissal, and/or denied contractual benefits. $50.00

For a photographic copy of a transcript of proceedings - for each page
For Commission Matters

For Industrial Magistrate Matters


$4.40 for pg 1
$1.10 for subsequent pages

For a search of a record or database of the Commission (other than a search of a proceedings made by or on behalf of a party to the proceeding)
for each name or item in respect of which a search is made.

No fee is payable for any of the following matters

  • The cancellation of a certificate of registration
  • Filing of notice of a change of registered office
  • Filing of a warrant to appear as an agent
  • Any document in respect of which a fee is already chargeable under the Act or any other written law.
  • Filing of notice of discontinuance of an application

The Registrar or a Deputy Registrar may waive a fee when the Registrar or Deputy Registrar considers it reasonable to do so (note: a form is to be completed for the Registrar or Deputy Registrar to consider reasonableness)

For general photocopying, a charge of 22 cents per page applies. This is not applicable for photocopies of a Decision.

Industrial Relations (Industrial Agents) Regulations 1997

For Registration as an agent $85.00

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