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This website is produced by the Department of the Registrar as a service to the community.

The information and advice provided is made available in good faith and is derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate.

While we endeavour to provide accurate and up-to-date information, the reliability and accuracy of the information and advice provided cannot be guaranteed and the Department of the Registrar, its employees and agents, and authors and contributors expressly disclaim liability for any act or omission done in reliance on the information or advice provided or for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, of any act or omission.

The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the Department of the Registrar are not responsible for the results of any actions taken or not taken based on the information provided.


Copyright Notice

Notwithstanding any other provision of this notice, an educational institution situated in Australia which is not conducted for profit, or a body with responsibility for administering the institution, may copy and communicate this material for the educational purposes of the institution.


Public Interest Disclosure

Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003, any person can make disclosure if he or she believes something is wrong with the way a public authority, public officer or public sector contractor is acting, has acted or may be going to act, which is of public interest.

This might involve:

  • Improper conduct;
  • An offence under State laws (including corruption);
  • Administration matters;
  • Irregular or unauthorised use of public resources;
  • Substantial mismanagement of public resources; and
  • Conduct that involves a substantial and specific risk of injury, prejudice to public safety or harm to the environment.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 outlines what may be disclosed, whom it must be disclosed to, and also provides for the protection of people who make a public interest disclosure (PID), as well as those who may be subject of a PID.

A PID must always be in the public interest to report it. It does not apply to information that someone has, or is, engaging in criminal behaviour unconnected to their employment.

The Department recommends you seek advice before making a PID.

For Further Information

The contact details of the PID Officer are as follows:

Sue Hutchinson
Department of the Registrar
Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission
Level 17, 111 St Georges Terrace

Phone: 08 9420 4579

The Public Sector Commission also provides information for people thinking of making a disclosure and to assist public authorities in complying with their obligations under the Act.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 can be accessed via the State Law Publisher website at: http://slp.wa.gov.au/legislation/statues


Public Interest Disclosure Lodgement Form

Brochure - Disclosing Information of Public Interest

Building Access

Ramp access to the building at 111 St Georges Terrace (corner St Georges Terrace and William Streets) is available at the St Georges Terrace entrance. All building entrances are fitted with electronic sliding door access activated by push buttons.

Accessible Parking

The building is unable to provide onsite accessible parking.
All day accessible parking is available at the following locations:


In addition, an accessible pick up and set down parking bay is available on Hay Street, Perth (near the corner of Willam Street).


Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets are available on the Ground Floor of the building and on Level 18.


Additional Building Accessibility Features

The building’s elevator system is fitted with accessibility features including sound and light signals for people with vision or hearing impairments. Please ask the Concierge for assistance if required.


Assistance For People Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing

Hearing loops are available at the Registry on Level 17 as well as the Hearing and Conference Rooms on Level 18.

AUSLAN Interpreters are available free of charge to people who are deaf or hard of hearing participating in proceedings before the Commission. Prior bookings are essential so please contact the Commission at your earliest convenience if you require this service.

If you are a TTY user please call 133 677 or if you use Speak and Listen please call 1300 555 727 if you wish to contact the Commission.

Further Information

The Commission can be contacted about accessibility issues by emailing the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Committee on or calling 9420 4444.

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2018 - 2023 can be located here.

Please visit the You’re Welcome – Access WA online accessibility guide for more information about accessible services in Western Australia, including car parking.


If you wish to provide us with feedback on how we can improve access and inclusion opportunities for people with disability to our services and events, buildings and facilities, information, customer service and employment please email or call 9420 4444.


Division 4 of the EDR Act also provides a mechanism for parties to an employment dispute whose employment arrangements are covered by the provisions of the Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009 to seek the services of the Commission to resolve their dispute.


Can the WAIRC provide a dispute resolution process where parties are covered by a Commonwealth enterprise agreement?

Yes, if a party is bound by a Commonwealth enterprise agreement that allows the WAIRC to conduct a dispute resolution process under dispute settlement procedures set out in the agreement, or if there are no dispute resolution procedures in the enterprise agreement and the parties agree to have dispute resolution conducted by the WAIRC.


When an employment dispute arises how do you refer it to the Commission?

Any party to the employment dispute may refer it to the Commission by downloading and completing Form 1 and either lodging at

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission,
Level 17, 111 St Georges Terrace,
Perth, 6000.

or completing it online.

There is no fee for filing the form.


Can more than one Commissioner mediate?

A single Commissioner will usually do the functions of the Commission, except if the Commonwealth enterprise agreement requires or provides for the parties to request that more than one Commissioner do it and if the Chief Commissioner is of the opinion that it is practical and appropriate.


Contact Us

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission
17th Floor
111 St Georges Terrace

Phone : (08) 9420 4444
Facsimile : (08) 9420 4500
Free Call : 1800 624 263

Free Fax :1800 804 987

Email : Registry


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