Commission establishes Interim Union Council

The Commission has issued orders establishing an Interim Union Council for the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance of Western Australia (Union of Employees) (respondent).

The respondent has a counterpart federal body, registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (Cth). In May 2010, the Commission issued a certificate under s 71(5), enabling persons elected to office in the federal Association to hold the corresponding office in the State counterpart.

Due to changes in the registered rules of the federal Association, the rules of the federal Association and rules of the respondent are no longer aligned, meaning that the requirements of the s 71(5) certificate could not be met.

The applicant, a member of the respondent, brought an application seeking an order for the establishment of an Interim Union Council, until such a time as the respondent’s rules can be amended in line with the federal Association. The respondent was in support of the application.

The Commission was satisfied that orders should be made under s 66 of the Industrial Relations Act 1979 to establish an Interim Union Council, enabling the respondent to continue its affairs and to vary its rules, in order that a new s 71 certificate can be issued in due course.

The decision can be read here.