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What types of resources are available?

The Commission makes the following types of documents available:

Applications and Forms: All the forms that you can lodge with the Commission.

Awards: Awards are documents that set out the terms and conditions of employment for the employers and employees specified in the award. The Commission issues Awards after hearing an application by a registered organisation or employer.

Agreements: The Commission registers industrial agreements between unions and employers. Agreements can relate to industrial matters or be aimed at the prevention and resolution of disputes.

Decisions: Decisions of the Commission and its constituent authorities.

Fact Sheets and Videos: A range of fact sheets and videos that provide procedural information and guidance relating to the Commission.

General orders: General orders are orders regarding employment conditions that apply to all employees covered by the WA industrial relations system.

Notices: The Act obliges the Commission to give notice of certain application or matters. Publication of such notices is made in the WA Industrial Gazette and/or on the Commission's website.

Practice notes: Practice notes provide information to parties on the Commission's procedures and legislative provisions.

Publications: The publications of the Commission include annual reports, transcripts, due diligence, and relevant legislation.

State wage case: Each year, the Commission sets the minimum wage to apply to employers and employees covered by the WA industrial relations system.