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Section 44 Applications

Section 44 of the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA) provides the Commission with the authority to deal with industrial disputes, where an application is made by any organisation or industrial association (union), or by an employer. 

The Commission will hold a conference between the parties and attempt to resolve the matter. If the matter is not settled at the conference by agreement, the Commission may hear and determine the matter and may make an order binding only the parties to the dispute.

Making an application

To make an application, you must file a Form 1B – Application for a Conference with the Commission's Registry.

What happens next?

After you have submitted your Form 1B – Application for a Conference, the Commission’s Registry will:

  • check it to make sure that it contains all the required information;
  • if the form is complete, send a copy of it to you for your records; and
  • serve a copy of it on the other named parties to your application. There is no need for you to serve your Form 1B on the other parties unless you are instructed to do so.

You will then be contacted by the Commission to arrange to have your application dealt with.