State Minimum Wage set at $779.00 per week

 The Commission in Court Session has delivered its decision in the 2021 State Wage Case. The Commission increased the State Minimum Wage and award rates of pay in the State industrial relations system by 2.5% effective from 1 July 2021.

In its decision, the Commission noted that, given the unique circumstances of last year's State Wage Case and the case this year, the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic had been a most important consideration in terms of the damaging impact of the outbreak of the pandemic and the subsequent recovery in this State and nationally. The Commission concluded that the Western Australian economy overall has recovered much more strongly that was anticipated in last year’s State Wage Case and that the most recent data before the Commission, points to ongoing recovery and growth.      

The Commission’s reasons for decision and minutes of proposed order were handed down at 9.15AM, Thursday 24 June 2021.


The Commission’s statement in relation to its decision can be read here.

A full copy of the Commission’s decision can be read here.