Making an application for an industrial agreement

To make an application for the registration of an industrial agreement, you must file a Form 1 – General Application.

Application for industrial agreement  

An application for the registration of an industrial agreement must be accompanied by:

  • the original of the agreement executed by all of the parties to that agreement; and
  • a statement that summarises any changes that the agreement effects in the relevant rates of pay and conditions of employment of the employees to whom the agreement relates.

What happens next?

On filing the Form 1, the Registrar is to serve a copy of the application together with its attachments on the respondent and to the parties named in s 29A(2)(b) of the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA).

The application will then be dealt with by the Commission.

Possible outcomes

If the application is successful, the Commission may make an order to register the agreement.