RFT cannot enforce owner-driver contracts against third parties

The Road Freight Transport Industry Tribunal has made a declaration and issued orders for the payment of an alleged balance of monies owed to the applicant pursuant to an owner-driver contract. The Tribunal was satisfied that the applicant is an owner-driver and that despite the referral to the Tribunal being made after the termination of the owner-driver contract, the Tribunal had jurisdiction to deal with the applicant’s claim.

It was determined by the Tribunal that an oral owner-driver contract was entered into by the parties in or about July 2017 for the supply and heavy vehicle transportation of building sand. The respondent paid a portion of the balance owed to the applicant, giving rise to the remaining debt being outstanding.

The Tribunal considered that there is no capacity to institute third party proceedings to compel a third party to cover monies that they may owe and found that the respondent does owe the outstanding balance to the applicant plus interest.

The decision can be read here.