Conciliation is a conference conducted by the Commissioner who considers the case from both sides and can help the parties make a genuine effort to solve their dispute.

The Tribunal will in most cases commence proceedings by calling a compulsory conciliation conference and require nominated persons to attend.

The Tribunal may issue a summon to attend conciliation proceedings under section 45 of the Owner‑Drivers (Contracts and Disputes) Act 2007 (WA).

Urgent matters
In the context of Road Freight Transport Industry Tribunal, it is common for the Tribunal to call for a compulsory conciliation conference at short notice if the matter is urgent. In this case, a person may be summoned to attend by oral communication, by email, by telephone or in writing. Such a conference can be called prior to the filing of an answering statement.

For more information please read the Commission’s conciliation conference fact sheet by clicking here.

Possible outcomes of the conference

  • An agreement may be reached during or after the conference.
  • If an agreement is not reached, The Tribunal may hold further conferences depending on the circumstances, or list the matter for hearing.