Submitting an application

Submitting an application

To start an application, you must fill in Form 7 – Referral to the Road Freight Transport Industry Tribunal, which may be lodged in the Registry of the Commission in person, by online lodgement, by email or by post.

After you have submitted your Form 7, the Commission’s Registry will:

  • check it to make sure that it contains all the required information;
  • if the form is complete, send a copy of it to you for your records; and
  • serve a copy of it on the respondent. There is no need for you to serve your Form 7 on the respondent unless you are instructed to do so. You will then be contacted by the Tribunal to arrange to have your referral dealt with.

A person who is served a referral is required to file an answering statement. The time for service of the statement will be endorsed on the referral by the Registrar of the Commission. The form for the answering statement is Form 4 – Response (General).

Generally, the Respondent is to file an answering statement within 21 days of the date of service of the notice of referral, unless an ex parte application for a shortened time period is filed and such application is granted. When the Registrar receives the notice of referral, it will endorse on the notice of referral the time for lodging a response.