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The 2020 State Wage Case

Pre-publication of Awards to be Amended by the 2020 State Wage Order - Operative Date 1 January 2021

Below is a list of awards which will be amended by the 2020 State Wage Order including the rates payable on and from the commencement of the first pay period on or after 1 January 2021



The Commission will deliver its decision in respect of the State Wage Case at 10:00 AM on Friday, 26 June 2020.

The Commission received written submissions from: 

  • The Minister for Industrial Relations, and evidence from the State Department of Treasury about the Western Australian and national economies;
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia Limited;
  • UnionsWA;
  • The Western Australian Council of Social Service; and
  • Professor Alison Preston of the UWA Business School.

Those submissions related to the level of increase the Commission ought to award to the State Minimum Wage and award rates of pay.

The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission is required to set the minimum wage to apply to employers and employees covered by the WA industrial relations system.  It must do this before 1 July each year.  The current minimum wage for an adult employee of $746.90 per week was set in June 2019 to apply from 1 July 2019.

Call for submissions

The Commission invites interested persons and organisations to make a submission to the Commission on what minimum wage should be set in 2020. Due to the Covid-19 virus, the Commission will not hear oral submissions and there will be no public hearing. Instead, the Commission will consider written submissions.

Any person or organisation who wishes to make a written submission should do so by Tuesday, 12 May 2020.  Copies of written submissions will be published on the Commission’s website.  Anonymous submissions will not be considered.

Submissions can be made by email (Registry-Email), by post or over the counter (Level 17, 111 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000).  Please quote 'APPL 1 of 2020' in all correspondence.  Please feel free to contact the Commission's Registry about making a submission. 

Relevant criteria

In making its decision, the Commission is required to consider the need to â€”

  • ensure that Western Australians have a system of fair wages and conditions of employment; and
  • meet the needs of the low paid; and
  • provide fair wage standards in the context of living standards generally prevailing in the community; and
  • contribute to improved living standards for employees; and
  • protect employees who may be unable to reach an industrial agreement; and
  • encourage ongoing skills development.


It is also required to consider:

  • the state of the economy of Western Australia and the likely effect of its decision on that economy and, in particular, on the level of employment, inflation and productivity in Western Australia; and
  • to the extent that it is relevant, the state of the national economy; and
  • to the extent that it is relevant, the capacity of employers as a whole to bear the costs of increased wages, salaries, allowances and other remuneration; and
  • the need to ensure that the Western Australian award framework represents a system of fair wages and conditions of employment; and
  • relevant decisions of other industrial courts and tribunals; and
  • any other relevant matters.

People interested in making a submission are invited to address those issues.

Who will be covered by the 2020 State Wage Case General Order?

The General Order will apply to those employers and employees covered by the WA industrial relations system.  To find out if you are covered by the state system, or for further information on your employment conditions, please contact Wageline on 1300 655 266.

Equal Remuneration Principle

In response to Application 34 of 2018, a draft Equal Remuneration Principle has been jointly developed by the Minister for Industrial Relations, Unions WA and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA. The Draft Equal Remuneration Principle is yet to be formally considered by The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The Draft Equal Remuneration Principle can be viewed here.



The State Wage Case 2020 General Order can be read here.

The State Wage Case 2020 Reasons for Decision can be read here.


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