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The 2016 State Wage Case

Procedural history

The State Wage Case is held pursuant to section 50A of the Industrial Relations Act, 1979.  This obliges the Commission before 1 July in each year to make a General Order setting the minimum wage under the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act, 1993 for employees over the age of 21, for apprentices and for trainees. The General Order also adjusts rates of wages paid under State awards.

The application (Application No. 1 of 2016) was created on the Commission’s own motion on 4 January 2016.  The Registrar will publish a Notice in newspapers calling for submissions. The Notice will be able to be viewed on the Commission’s website.

The 2016 State Wage Case will be heard and determined by the Commission in Court Session.

The Commission in Court Session will sit to hear oral submissions from the Minister for Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA and UnionsWA on 24 and 25 May 2016.  It will resume two working days after the Annual Wage Review decision of the Fair Work Commission is delivered. Proceedings will be able to be viewed here.

Written submissions of those who appear, along with those of interested persons or organisations, will be available here.

Who will be covered by the 2016 State Wage Case General Order?

The General Order will apply to those employers and employees covered by the WA industrial relations system. For further information on your employment conditions please contact Wageline on 1300 655 266. There is more information about the coverage of the State industrial relations system here.



The State Wage Case 2016 General Order can be read here.

The State Wage Case 2016 Reasons for Decision can be read here.











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